EmboCept® S DSM 50 µm Effective short-term chemoembolization

DSM-TACE is mentioned in the CIRSE Guideline (Lucatelli et al. 2021) for chemoembolization of inoperable liver and lung tumors.

Product Overview

EmboCept® S DSM 50 µm microspheres are an adjuvant in the intra-arterial treatment of inoperable liver and lung tumors and used in combination with cytostatic agents.

EmboCept® S DSM 50 µm

  • Simple application.
  • Well tolerated.
  • Boosts tumor necrosis due to temporary ischemia.
  • Preserves function of target organ over time.
  • Degradability of DSM allows vascular reperfusion after ca. 90 minutes.
  • Can be combined with any chemotherapeutic drug.
  • Repeated applications possible at short intervals.

Calibrated Spheres for Optimal Vessel Occlusion

A first-in-class medical device for the detection of pancreatic fluid leakage during open or minimally invasive surgical procedures. SmartPAN is approved for commercialization in Europe (CE marked).

SmartPAN® characteristics

  • Medium-sized DSM mixed with water and pH indicator bromothymol blue to form Gelspheres.
  • Detection of pancreatic fluid leakage during open/minimally invasive surgical procedures.
  • Bromothymol blue indicates leakage of alkaline pancreatic fluid by color change during surgery.

SmartPAN is made of degradable starch microspheres

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  • Visualizes pancreatic leakage immediately on contact with pancreatic fluid.
  • Applied easily to the surgical closure site and generates highly visible color indication when in contact with pancreatic fluid,
    indicating leakage.
  • Gives the surgeon confidence that
    no pancreatic fluid is leakging at
    time of surgery completion.
  • Delivered as a sterile pre-packed
    syringe, ready to use.