About us

PharmaCept was founded in 1999 by Dr Jürgen Ebert, focusing on developing and marketing products for the locoregional treatment of tumor diseases worldwide. In 2021 PharmaCept was acquired by the Magle Group. The acquisition brings synergies with Magle Group as the originator to the Degradable Starch Microsphere (DSM) used in PharmaCept products. The Magle Group owns fully integrated manufacturing and development facilities to generate DSM products. PharmaCept has the skills to market and distribute these products. Integrating PharmaCept with Magle group aligns with values and strategic goals to reach more customers with our business model of expanding our DSM product lines.

Our aspiration

Why we are here?

To bring life changing healthcare innovations to patients

Our values


We are innovative in how we work and find simple solutions to complex challenges.


We work closely with each other and with our partners to meet the needs of the healthcare market.


We are personally responsible for delivering on our commitments.

Safety and Quality

We provide outstanding products and services in line with all regulatory requirements.