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Barbara Willkomm

Navigating Success: An Insightful Interview with Magle Group’s HR Leader

Introduction to the Role:

In a captivating conversation, Magle Group’s HR Director shared insights into her journey, stating, “I am very happy to have joined Magle Group in September 2023, it is great to be in an organization with so many business opportunities thanks to that we have highly skilled co-workers in many different areas. Our way of working is truly agile – we easily build teams depending on the customer needs in each project. It is extremely valuable for an organization to utilize skills and experiences and enable people to work together regardless which part of the company they work in.  Larger organizations often struggle with silo thinking while we at Magle believe that we stand strong together – this is why co-operation is one of our company values and this was a strong reason for me to join.  My belief in the strength of teamwork aligns seamlessly with our company’s culture of collaboration and openness. Together, we create value, and I have a profound connection to the positive impact we make globally improving people’s life. life sciences.”

Future Aspirations:

Looking ahead, she expressed her aspirations, “We are competing with a lot of other companies to attract and retain highly skilled co-workers who we depend on. I would like Magle to be known as a great place to work, a workplace where you know your work and efforts makes an impact for others and where you get the opportunity to develop and grow. At Magle we always strive to improve and by developing both our organization and our co-workers, we will be able to be in the front with knowledge to support the market with life changing products. I believe our co-workers stay with Magle since we have a very strong foundation in our values that guide us in a changing environment. At Magle your voice matters, you will never face challenges alone and you have  support from an organization who knows that changes are necessary to keep up  My experience in life is that the only things consistent, is change, and I think what difference us from others is that all co-workers are willing to support change to improve since we have a very strong foundation in our values.”

Advice for Young Professionals:

“I believe the best advice to young professionals is to keep an open mind and to be curious and accept that it takes some time to find out what area you are passionate about. By having an open mind and explore things that at the first glance do not seem interesting, may give you important tools that lead you closer to reach a position that you strive for. Your professional journey can be equality rewarding as reaching your gool and everything you learn on your way usually can be used later in your career.”  

Personal Touch and Traditions:

Adding a personal touch, she shared, “I am deeply family-oriented and cherish and value traditions: Both my own and others’. I think we all need traditions to   provide a stable framework in our ever-evolving world, creating a sense of continuity and belonging. This is also why I want to work in organizations based on values and where we have a common culture in ways of seeing things.”


Emphasizing the importance of communication, she noted, “Open communication and the courage to ask questions are vital for success. Too often, we limit ourselves by assuming others know, rather than seeking help or clarification. Breaking through this barrier is key to fostering a culture of understanding and growth.”

This insightful interview provides a glimpse into the dynamic and inclusive leadership that defines Magle Group, where collaboration, personal values, and a forward-looking vision intersect to create a thriving workplace.