Meet Our Team Members

Yan Liu

Yan always comes to work with a big smile and shares his energy with colleagues. Yan Liu has been working at Magle Group for the past 7 years. He was involved in polymer synthesis, particularly in suspension and emulsion polymerization. Yan has been working on SmartPAN®project.

Key Achievements and Contributions:

“I Contributed to the development of DSM products (degradable starch microspheres). I have been Involved in the modification of starch to create microspheres for various applications such as hemostatic and surgical applications.”

When we asked him about his jeourney with Magle Group; he answered “I am enthusiastic about continuing contributions to Magle Group particularly in the field of starch modification and new product development. I would like to highlight the importance of adaptability for young professionals joining the industry and emphasizes the need to quickly adjust to fit diverse projects.”

Personal Touch and Fun Facts:

“I enjoy travel, and Croatia was a memorable travel destination.”

Advice for Young Professionals:

We asked Yan to provide some insights for the young professionals who would join Magle Group, and his answered emphasized on the following:

  • the importance of quickly adapting to different projects and learning on the job.
  • Encourages young professionals to be open to diverse challenges and projects in the industry.
  • Expresses a willingness to share knowledge and collaborate further, providing more information if needed.

Stay Tuned!